Why Bark 'n Yapp?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions...

  1. With more people becoming dog owners everyday, how do I best make sure those in my neighbourhood know about me?

  2. What is the most effective way for me to reach customers in my neighbourhood?

  3. What are my customers really thinking about me and how can I better engage with them?

  4. With customers demanding greater breadth of products and services, and higher customer service levels, how do I let customers know how great my business is?

Then Bark 'n Yapp is for you.

At Bark 'n Yapp we have created a comprehensive vertical digital marketing solution that helps the businesses that love dogs more effectively and efficiently reach their customers. We have collected an extensive database of dog-related businesses and will continue to add more businesses and products.

Marking Your Business

Are you a business selling products or services to dog owners? You can search our extensive database for your business and then “mark” it. With over 5,000 businesses from across Canada in our database, chances are you will already show up in our directory.

Once marked, you will have the ability to update your information and add more details, so that dog owners will get a better understanding of what you have to offer. Additionally, our unique platform allows for businesses to add themselves to the Bark ‘n Yapp database if we have not found you yet, ensuring that any business that has marked, or added a location, can bring their customers the most up-to- date information. Best of all, this is all available to business owners for free!

Making an Impression with Your Customers

If a marked business wants to become more visible to their market or promote something special, you can upgrade to an annual subscription that allows you to further enhance your profile, view more site analytics and choose à la carte advertising options. Our first-of- its-kind platform will allow you to maximize their return on investment in digital marketing and expand your customer reach at a nominal cost.

Mobile App (coming soon)

Our mobile app is coming soon...